Nebamun and Ipuky

Nebamun and Ipuky
Sculptors c.1320 BC.
    Nebamun and Ipuky were two sculptors who lived towards the end of the Eighteenth Dynasty and were buried in a tomb situated in the area of Asasif at Thebes. The tomb contains wall-scenes showing the usual events: the funerary and burial rites for the deceased, the journey of pilgrimage to Abydos, and the tomb-owners' prayers to *Osiris, god of the dead. There are also scenes of special interest; one shows the deified *Amenophis I and his mother Queen *Ahmose-Nefertari as the recipients of the deceased's prayers, emphasising the role of this royal couple as gods who received a special cult from the royal necropolis workmen of Thebes as the founders of their community at Deir el Medina. Other scenes illustrate the craftsmen (carpenters, goldsmiths and jewellers) whom the tomb-owners supervised in life, and these provide valuable information about crafts and techniques.
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